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3 Ways That You Can Rest That Benefit Your Mental Health

When people enter the weekends, they have dreams of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, or getting some much-needed rest. But when the weekend finally arrives all they can find themselves doing is binge-watching Netflix on their couch. To no surprise, this is not actually restful. When you struggle with anxiety, depression, dysthymia, or any other mental illness rest can be elusive and trying to rest can be more tiring than resting itself. Here are 5 ways that you can rest that will be meaningful to your mental health.

1. Journaling

First, go to the store and pick out a journal that you like. Then start your Saturday with a cup of coffee or tea and journal about literally anything. The topic of your journal entries can range from struggles to victories. This helps you to externally process your thoughts and puts them into something constructive, and can be a great way to express your emotions.

2. Exercise

The next activity that helps alleviate stress and promotes rest is exercise. The best way to get motivated to exercise is to do something you like. This can be hiking, running, frisbee, soccer, football, or some other activity. When you struggle with a mental illness mustering the motivation to get moving can be hard, but when you do an activity that you like it is much easier to maintain an exercise regimen.

3. Get a Hobby

The last activity that can help you achieve true rest is a hobby. By doing something like gardening, coloring, and crafting, you are taking some of that energy and directing it at something productive and beautiful. Hobbies can help you take your mind off of worries and stress of normal everyday life.


Rest can be elusive and if you struggle with a mental illness trying to find rest can be even more stressful. But if you start with these three activities you are well on your way to actually resting. Once you have found some rest you can have the energy to do more!

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